The better you manage, the greater you grow

From creating the initial schedules to generating the final payroll, it's just that simple!

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Special Features


Managing made easy

We do most of the heavy lifting and provide you with a simple interface that is easy to use while also being the most efficient. We provide live data even when you are away. You can manage individual employees and track their data on the fly.


Schedule in seconds

Creating schedules for the employees is tiresome. Right? Not anymore! Using our Schedule Cloner, you can now copy any old week's schedule into the current week with just a click and make changes only when needed.


Works offline

Never worry about losing your data ever again! Even when you are not connected to the internet, we store your data in your device and upload it to the server the next time you connect to the internet. Your data remains safe and sound!


Biometric Enabled

Worried about someone clocking in for somebody else? You don't have to! Seamless Timecard is integrated with the state of the art Fingerprint Recognition System to eliminate Buddy Punching and to increase productivity.

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